Family Day Open Cockpit day 10th November 2013

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Many families who attended on the 10th November 2013 had a great experience viewing the exhibits, including climbing into the many aircraft cockpits that were open all day. There was a certain amount of queuing with the excitement of being able to climb into the cockpits. All of the cockpits where manned by museum staff giving a brief explanation of the instruments and actions for future pilots.

It would be hard to say which of the 7 cockpits were the most popular on the day but the F-111 would most likely rate as being the one to climb into being that this aircraft had only come out of active service in 2010. The museum did have a nominal charge of $5.00 to climb into this aircraft for the simple reason the museum has to pay extra insurance of $1,500 for this one aircraft.  All other cockpits are free and don’t require special insurance as we are, after all, a museum run totally by volunteers.

Other attractions on the day also proved to be very popular with the families. The Rescue 1 Helicopter landing for a display,  Barossa Helicopters offered flights over the Port all day, Military Vehicles 25 pounder did gun firing during the day, the Port Adelaide Fire brigade attended with an open display and the Chrysler Restoration Car Club arrived with 15 cars plus an ETSA historic repair truck. In addition, the museum ran 10 aircraft engines showing one engine in particular, a Gnome which is almost 100 years old. The noise and the chance to hear the mighty Rolls Royce engine that was fitted to the icon Spitfire from the 1939-1945 proved to be very popular. The Railway Museum using the Blue Bird rail car as a shuttle between the 2 museums was also very popular. Characters from the Star Wars movie also created much excitement when they arrived and mixed with the children. Many photographs were taken on the day.

You can view more pictures of the day here. More cockpit and engine runs will be organised in 2014 please watch our web site