Hall Cherokee II


Single seat glider

History of VH-GPR

The Cherokee II designed by Stan Hall was introduced in 1956 for amateur construction from plans. It has a wooden airframe covered with fabric.  It was launched by either a winch or by a tow-plane.

VH-GPR was built by Robert Blunt from Deniliquin , NSW in 1966, and was last owned by Lloyd Stewart and operated from Lochiel in South Australia.  It was kindly donated to SAAM by Lloyd and Hedley Stewart in mid-2011, and is displayed in the main hangar suspended from the roof above the Canberra.

History of Type

The Hall Cherokee II is a high wing, single seat glider designed in the USA by Stan Hall, and was designed for home construction from a set of plans.  Its low cost and ease of construction made it a popular home-built glider.

The Cherokee II is of all-wood construction covered in doped fabric.  It has a fixed single wheel undercarriage and has a dual spar wing with spoilers on top and removable outer wing panels for ease of ground transportation.

Around 100 were constructed in North America and Australia.


Technical Specifications

Weight :  Empty 154kg,  gross 240kg

Length :  3.6m

Wingspan :  12.2m

Maximum Glide Ratio :  23:1 at 74 km/h   (46 mph)

Crew :  1 pilot