History Group



The South Australian Aviation Museum’s History Group was established in 2005 as part of the Museum’s strategic goal of establishing the Museum as a resource centre for aviation history research. The Group comprises a small number of Museum members with a shared strong interest in researching and writing South Australian aviation history.

Some members have written and published books on aviation history, including Nigel Daw (An Iconic Airline – The Story of Airlines of South Australia, with Jim Evans), Mike Milln (Wing Tips –The Story of the Royal Aero Club of South Australia – Book 1 1919–1941) and Peter Ingman (Zero Hour in Broome, with Dr Tom Lewis, and Carrier Attack Darwin 1942 – the Complete Guide to Australia’s own Pearl Harbor, also with Dr Tom Lewis).

The Group assists visitors to the Museum by researching and providing answers to their questions on aviation history. It also assists members who are engaged in the restoration of historic aircraft, by researching such matters as aircraft colours, registrations and liveries to ensure authenticity.

The main focus of its activity, however, is the research and writing of short profiles on significant South Australian aviators and aviation events for publishing on this site and elsewhere. The profiles are produced according to the particular interests of the various members writing them and, while all the subjects are significant, they should not be considered more or less significant than the many other subjects that have yet to be addressed.

The Group will add profiles as they are produced—visitors to this site are welcome to provide comments on them and to suggest subjects and/or provide material for new profiles.