Engine Displays



H = horizontally opposed; I – inline; I-V = inline V; J = jet; R = radial; RO = rotary; V = V twin; TP = turboprop;

** = may be operated on Engine Run Days; # = displayed within the Badger family collection with Spitfire EE853


Engine Type Power / Thrust Aircraft
Airesearch Turbine Compressor GTC 85-72 x 2 ** 100hp Ground support unit – air starter only
Allison T-56 A 11 A TP 3,750shp C-130A Hercules
Allison T-56A-14 with propeller TP 4,600shp AP-3C Orion
Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah IX                             ** R 350hp Avro Anson
Armstrong Siddeley Lynx V R 200hp Avro 504N
Blackburn Cirrus 1                                                     # I 65hp DH-60
Blackburne Tomtit 2 cylinder V twin with propeller V 16hp DH-53
Bristol Siddely Viper Mk 22-11 J 2.500lbs (11.2kN) Macchi MB-326H
De Havilland Gipsy Major I 130hp Cutaway Demo Engine
De Havilland Gipsy Queen I 340hp De Havilland Dove
Gnome Monosoupape                                           ** RO 100hp Avro 504K
Hispano Suiza V8                                                       # I-V 200-235hp SE-5A
Lycoming 0-540-R2V5 6 cylinder                           ** H 350hp Aero Commander
Packard Liberty V12                                                   # I-V 400hp DH-9A
Packard Merlin 68                                                     # I-V 1,750hp P-51 Mustang
Packard Merlin V-1650-3 68 I-V 1,750hp To be installed in Battle
Pratt & Whitney R985 R 450hp CAC Winjeel
Pratt & Whitney R1340 AN2 Wasp                     ** R 550hp CAC Wirraway
Pratt & Whitney R2000 R 1,450 DHC-4 Caribou
Pratt & Whitney JT-3D3 J 18,000ibs (80kN) Boeing 707
Rolls Royce (CAC) Avon J 7,500lbs (33.5kn) CAC Sabre
Rolls Royce Kestrel V-12                                       ** I-V 695hp Hawker Demon
Rolls Royce Merlin III                                               ** I-V 1,030hp Fairey Battle
Rolls Royce Nene J 5,000lbs (22.3kN) DH Vampire
Rolls Royce Derwent RD8 J 3,600ibs (16.1kN) Gloster Meteor
Textron Lycoming LF5071H- J 6,970lbs (31kN) Bae 146
Walter Minor 6-111 I 165hp Aero 145, Zlin
Westinghouse J34 J 3,500 lbs Lockheed Neptune
Wittber Engine and Propeller R 55hp First radial engine produced in Australia
Other Engines in Storage
Engine Type Notes
Armstrong Siddely Cheetah IX R Avro Anson
Rolls Royce Avon J English Electric Canberra
Rolls Royce Nene x 2 J Stored off-site
Bristol Siddely Viper Mk 22-11 J For Jindivik
Pratt & Whitney R985 R DHC-2 beaver
Westinghouse J34 J Lockheed Neptune