Sea Wolf Naval Missile

Ship-borne Point Defence Missile

History of Type
The Sea Wolf is a naval defensive missile designed and manufactured by British Aircraft Corporation (now British Aerospace). It is an automated point defence system intended as a final line of defence against sea-skimming missiles, high-angle anti-ship missiles and aircraft. Sea Wolf is a beam-riding missile with terminal guidance
The system was developed in 1964 as a replacement for the Sea Cat missile system, and significant testing was undertaken at Woomera in the late 1960s. Sea Wolf has been installed on Royal Navy Type 22 and 23 Frigates since 1979, with updated versions expected to remain in service until the end of 2018.
Sea Wolf proved to be a successful defence weapon in the Falklands War, shooting down five Argentinian aircraft; in one incident four A-4 Skyhawks attacked HMS Brilliant, two being shot down and a third crashing while trying to escape a Sea Wolf missile.

Technical Specifications
Engine : Blackcap solid fuel rocket motor, burn time 2-3 seconds
Weight : 83kg
Length : 1.9m
Wingspan : 0.7m
Diameter : 0.18m
Speed : Mach 3
Ceiling : 3000m
Range : 1-10km
Warhead : 14kg high explosive, blast fragmentation fues with proximity or direct contact