South Australian Aviation Museum
Aircraft Parts Page

SAAM has a large collection of Aircraft Parts that are stored with the intention of using them for future restoration projects, displays, and occasionally for swapping with other museums for other needed items. Aircraft Parts that feature in current displays include:

astrocompass Astrocompass
astrograph Astrograph
Night Nav. WW2
black box Black Box
(Voice Recorder)
Lancaster Bomb Sight Bomb Sight
Lancaster WW2
bubble sextant Bubble Sextant
EATS Training WW2
Lancaster Wheel Control Column
Avro Lancaster WW2
Dunlop Wheel Control Column
Hurricane & Spitfire
compass Compass
Avro Lancaster WW2
Dakota Panel Instrument Panel
DC3 Dakota
TigerMothPanel500 Instrument Panel
Tiger Moth
Other Examples in Storage (a small sample)
Aircraft Clock - 8 Day 1941 model Mk IID (spitfire)
Aircraft Compass - Azimuth Circle
Aircraft Compass - Beaufighter
Aircraft Compass - P6 Beaufort & P8
Aircraft Fabric - German WW1 Albatross
Air Speed Undicator - WW1 Smiths (MPH)
Bombsight (Course Setting) - RAF Mk V11A
Bombsight - RAAF Type 'D'
Bubble Sextant- Mk1xA Ref no. 6B/218 (Avro Anson)
Camera Pod - Jindivik
Cannon - Hispano
Clock - Waltham Watch Co. (from Roy Gropler's aircraft).
Control Column - Wirraway
DME Indicator
Electromagnetic Wave Generator Jamming Device 1987
Ejection Seat - Canberra 2CA
External Fuel Tanks - Meteor
Fabric Piece - Vimy Aircraft
Fuel Cap (Brass) - Believed to be from Yamamoto's 'Betty' bomber
Gun Sight - Spitfire Mk 9
Gyro (Directional) - Ferranti R/123/66
Instrument Panel - Fokker F-27
Kittyhawk P-40E Fuel gauge
Lancaster Bomb distribution instrument (2767)
Landing/Taxi Lights - Chipmunk
Map (Scroll Type) - Air Routes (Possibly ex-Butler )
Microphone - Victa Airtourer 199 aircraft. Reg.No.VH-BWI
Morse Key - Type F flame proof (Lancaster bombers or similar)
Morse Switchboard Identification Component - WW2 Spitfire or Lancaster
Propellor Hub - Neptune 4 blade Propeller Section - Aluminium Alloy
Radio Compass Dial - Sparks Withington Co. USA
Radio Channel Selector - Bendix Control Box BC-602-A
Reflector Gun Sight - RAF Mark 11
Sextant - Kollsman Periscope Aircraft Sextant Model 1411C-02
Steering Yoke - Avro Anson
Tail Rotor (Helo) - possibly Hughes 500