South Australian
Aviation Museum
New entrance 16 Bedford Street, Port Adelaide

SAAM has Pilot Equipment on display, where relevant to the display. We also have a significant collection in storage for use in future displays and for reference and preservation purposes. Some examples are listed below.
Kingsford Smith Gloves & Helmet
Kingsford Smith
maps WW2 Maps
& Computers

computer WW2 Computer
German Issue
helmet Flying Helmet
Jimmy Melrose
licence Shell Fuel Card
Jimmy Melrose
computer Kane - Dead
Reckoning Computer
goggles WW1

navy life preserver Navy Aviator
Life Preserver
helmet Flying Helmet
Luftwaffe (winter)
message streamer WW1
Message Streamer

headset Radio Headset
Ted Acres
calculator Jepperson Avstar

webbing WW2 Webbing
F/O Bungey
microphone WW2 Lancaster

log book 1937 Log Book
Marie Richardson
silk map Pilot's
Silk Map

Other Examples in Storage (a small sample)

Bubble Sextant Type A-12
CAC manufactured Throat Microphone
CSBS Bombsight Mk VIIc & IXc
Electro-Voice Pilots Differential Micophone
Emergency Signalling Mirror Mark 3
Flying Helmets, goggles and boots worn by Brownie Lunn and June Wheeler.
Flying Helmet - Mike Swan (Ex RAAF) - Oman Air Force 1998-2003
Flying Suit with German Lifevest W/C Bungey
Keith Smith's canvas map bag, navigation computer & Flying helmet (used in 1919 Flight)
Leather gloves belonging to one of the Vickers Vimy crew (used in 1919 Flight)
Navigation Computers and rulers (many different types)
Navy Aviation Personal Survival Kit / Life Preserver
Naval Pilot Helmets
Parachute belonging to VH-GDV Grunau IV
Pilot log books & navigator's compass used by Roy Gropler
Sarah Ultra electric emergency beacon and microphone
Very Pistol and spent cartridge.
Visual Terminal Chart - includes ATC Airspace boundaries
Weston Pilot Microphone with cable
WW1 Pilot's (Wedge) Flying Log Book -RFC
WW2 Aircraft Goggles - RAF & RAAF
WW2 Bomber's Target Map for Erfurt
WW2 Emergency Ration Tin (with contents)
WW2 Map used by Flt.Lt. A E Welbourne during Allied landings Labuan Island North Borneo
WW2 Pilot Silk Maps - Timor Sea, Banda Sea, Timor, Northern Australia, Melville Island, Van Diemens Gulf, Mindanao, Halmahera
WW2 RAAF Sewing Kit
WW2 RAF survival kit compass.